If you have been furloughed due to coronavirus, this month's payslip will be the first one where furloughed wages will take effect. Here are 7 things to look for: 

1. Make sure your personal information and payroll number is correct.

2. Your pay slip should still show your tax and national insurance deductions.

3. It should also show any pension contributions you would usually make, as well as other payments you've authorised including loans.

4. Check your pay is accurate - where applicable, it should show 80 per cent of your gross regular pay.

5. If your employer has agreed to top up your salary to the full 100 per cent, your pay slip should look no different.

6. As furlough pay is capped at £2,500, your pay slip shouldn't show a higher amount unless your employer has agreed to make up  your wages.

7. Some bonuses, commission and overtime can be included in your furlough pay.

If you have any questions regarding your payslip or need further advice, please contact our Tax Team on:

Tel: 01983 823898 Ext:2836
Email: [email protected]


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That’s why our charity has given independent, confidential and free advice to generations of island residents.

We want our clients to have the knowledge and the confidence they need to find their way forward - whoever they are, and whatever their problem.

In times of crisis, we're here for you. 

As our offices are currently closed to the public, the best way to contact us is on our Adviceline number:

03444 111 444

At the moment we are only answering voicemails left on the Adviceline number. This is the most efficient way we can deal with your enquiry. We are currently returning calls usually on the same day, and certainly within 1 working day.

What to do when you call Adviceline

- Call 03444 111 444 and press * to hear the other options, and then press 0.

- Please leave your details and a number that we can contact you on.

- Someone will reply as soon as they can.

* Calls to the Adviceline 03 number cost the same as calling 01/02 numbers & may be included as part of your mobile or landline call package. If you do not have a package, calls from a landline can cost up to 9p per minute. Mobiles may be considerably more expensive.

Other ways to contact us

- You can also contact us via webform  through the Isle Help website

- You can also get advice through the national Citizens Advice website where you can access webchat.

- If your enquiry is between 5pm to 8am you can leave an email. Enquiries through the national website will be answered by a Generalist Adviser from the national team.