The Help Through Crisis project at Citizens Advice IW would like to say a huge thank you to Dana Edkins-Wherry and her daughter Macie who together have raised £675.00 for the project.

The duo set out to fundraise for four local charities including Help Through Crisis by doing a sponsored ‘Get in Shape’.

The pandemic had a huge effect on Dana and her family as it did to so many other people and having to ask for help is not always easy. Dana and her daughter Macie decided to begin fundraising by getting in shape, this included daily yoga, healthy eating and Macie running up to 10k a day! They also combined funds raised with a raffle they hosted over Facebook live. Not only did they raise money for four local charities it also kept them both focused whilst having to live apart due to the pandemic.

We are really grateful to them for their support.

If you or anyone you know needs Help because of a Crisis situation, please contact our team