Clients A and B made an application to HTC due to the termination of ESA and PIP.

The family have two children aged 9 and 16, the elder child is a drug user and the family had recently lost their private tenancy and were now being housed in emergency housing by the local authority. This had caused both clients mental and physical health to deteriorate further.

HTC were able to deal with the emergency and offer the family supermarket vouchers and a food bank voucher. The clients were then referred to the Help to Claim Team for assistance in claiming Universal Credit to ensure that regular benefits would start as quickly as possible.

We were also able to refer the clients to Team Around the Person (TAP) who will work with the family for an extended period of time to access statutory services and ultimately improve the clients situation and well being.

In year two 83% of clients were out of crisis with a single application and only 16% of clients required extra support by way of a second application.