The client was diagnosed with a primary brain tumour in 2017. Due to the cognitive impairment caused by the illness, consent was given to deal with the client's partner. 

The client's partner was signed off work with stress, so their income dropped to Statutory Sick Pay and Working Tax Credit only. Action was taken on behalf of the client and the following benefits were secured: Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support, personal Independence Payment and a Macmillan grant for travel costs. This boosted the couple's income so that they were able to concentrate on the client's treatment and recovery. 

We put the couple in touch with a local brain tumour charity which was able to give further financial assistance and runs a support group. The client's partner was helped in the decision to return to work. We enabled the couple to make an informed decision by setting out the effect that working one day or two days a week would have on their benefits income. The return to work has given the couple a sense of normality to their lives after a very difficult year. 

You can find Macmillan Cancer Support here.