Single parent of young baby who suffered a traumatic birth and due to further complications, her finances went unattended, resulting in arrears accruing for water, council tax and electricity. Clients budget identified she could not clear these arrears. As a result of our assistance, we achieved the following outcomes for our client:

• Council tax arrears of £274.54 being written off and exemption from council tax charges for current year granted until 2020.

• Southern water applied a 20% discount to arrears and ongoing future bills and agreed to reduce monthly payment of £62.99 per month for consumption and arrears down to £30 per month going forward.

• Footprint Trust awarded client with £85 towards her energy bill of £451, British Gas energy trust fund cleared the remaining arrears. Client can now afford ongoing energy.

Overall, the client was very happy with the advice she received and extremely grateful for the assistance with writing off the arrears upon her council tax and electricity arrears. She is now in a position to move forward and take control of her finances without fear of further action being taken against her.