Anyone coming to the UK under the ‘Ukraine Family Support’ or ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme is entitled to claim Child Benefit immediately – rather than having to wait for the usual 3 month qualifying period.

People should complete a CH2 Child Benefit claim form and submit this by post to the Child Benefit office. The address is on the form – which can be found on GOV.UK by searching ‘CH2 Child Benefit claim form’.

Claimants should provide an original birth certificate and the passport or travel document used to enter the UK. Where this documentation is not immediately available, people are advised to include a note in their claim and someone from HMRC will be in touch to discuss further. Anyone wanting more information on Child Benefit can visit GOV.UK and search ‘Claim Child Benefit’ or call 0300 200 3100 (from inside the UK).

For more information or if you would like assistance please contact the Tax Team on 01983 823898 ext. 2836 or email [email protected]