If you are struggling to pay your council tax during Coronavirus, there is help available to you. 

- If you currently pay Council Tax over 10 months, you can contact the IW Council now to ask them to change this to pay over a 12 month period, or to defer your next 2 payments to Feb and March 2021. You can find their details here.

- You may be eligible for Local Council Tax Support. If you need help with your council tax, make a claim. This will not affect your eligibility for other benefits. You can find more details and how to apply here.

- As part of the Government's Coronavirus finance package, the Isle of Wight Council will receive an allocation of £1,135,756. It is intended that this money be used to provide people of a working age already receiving Local Council Tax Support during the financial year 2020-21 with a further reduction of council tax of up to £150, reducing liability to nil. 

There is no need to apply. This further discount will be given automatically to all those of working age that receive Local Council Tax. Recalculated Council Tax bills will be sent out at a later date.

- If you are unable to pay your council tax and are in Exceptional Hardship you can apply to the Council Tax Exceptional Hardship Fund.

Whilst details are currently limited, we will update this information as soon as we learn anything new.

Contact us on 03444 111 444 or [email protected] to talk any of this through


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