Client who was self employed and neeed help to complete his online self assessment tax return. The client had missed the 31st January deadline and in addition had not paid his previous years tax liability and therefore had a debt which was now accruing interest.

The client's wife had been very ill which had meant that the family was under a great deal of strain and that all child care responsibility for their three children was left with the father who was also trying to run his own business. The client was in contact with HMRC so that he was able to keep track of his tax records. 

We supported the client through the process of completing the self assessment tax return and wrote a formal appeal against the penalty on behalf of the client to HMRC. Our appeal was accepted and the penalty deduced to Nil.

We were also able to negotiate a payment arrangement to reduce the debt on the client's behalf which was manageable. 

In addition, we contacted the Tax Credit Office to update the client's tax credit entitlement which means that their child tax credit payments for the remainder of the year were increased which would ease the financial pressure they were suffering. 

We also set up a personal tax account for the client with HMRC so that he was able to keep track of his tax records.