A man in his late 20s with serious mental health, financial and housing problems had been turned down for PIP, exacerbated by the fact that a close family member was terminally ill. His PIP application was made in August 2018. After an assessment, he scored 0 points for Daily Living and Mobility. He made a request for Mandatory Reconsideration, but was still given 0 points.

He visited Welfare to fill in an appeal form (an SSCS1). In the form, because of his Mental Health problems, he indicated that he wanted a Paper Hearing ie the decision to be made on the paperwork. He had good quality medical evidence, which we submitted. Because we had indicated a Paper Hearing, we weren’t notified of the date for the initial hearing, which was held in Bristol. HMCTS eventually issued a Decision Notice, adjourning the Tribunal for 4 weeks, to give him time to get more medical evidence, which he did.

Meanwhile the client decided he wanted a telephone hearing instead of a Paper Hearing, and asked HMCTS if he could have one. They granted this request mainly because of the client’s Mental Health problems and difficulties engaging with people. A telephone Hearing took place in August 2019, just over a year from when the original form was filled in. His appeal was successful, and he was awarded the Standard Rate of both elements of PIP, ie £81.90 a week, plus a lump sum payment of over £4000, backdated to the date of the original application.