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Q&A: Falling behind on your rent?

Friday 2nd August 2019

---- I am renting and have an assured shorthold tenancy. I have been struggling to pay the rent for a few months. I am…

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Q&A: Repeat scams

Wednesday 10th July 2019

----- About five years ago my father-in-law was the victim of a scam artist who fleeced him out of £5,000. Once he realised, he was devastated and we were able to work with his bank to get some of the…

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Universal Credit Scam

Tuesday 9th July 2019

---- We have been made aware of a scam operating in Portsmouth that could quite easily spread to the Isle of Wight. Young, predominately single people are being…

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Q&A: Problems with a builder?

Friday 24th May 2019

----- I'm having problems with a builder I employed to build a kitchen extension to our house. The foundations are laid, and he's knocked through the back wall - the back of our house is now a tarpaulin sheet. We paid an initial deposit upfront, and then two further amounts…

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Switching to Universal Credit?

Friday 3rd May 2019

Some people are better off switching from legacy benefits to Universal Credit - those who are more likely to be better off include: - some people who…

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Change of circumstances and need to apply for Universal Credit?

Thursday 2nd May 2019

------ If you are in receipt of tax credits and then have a change of circumstance which will necessitate a claim to Universal Credit, this will,…

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Self employed and need to apply for Universal Credit?

Wednesday 1st May 2019

------ If you are in receipt of Tax Credits and are self employed, speak to the Citizens Advice Tax Team BEFORE…

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Finished work and need to apply for Universal Credit?

Tuesday 30th April 2019

------ If you've just finished work you might be better off waiting until you receive your final payment, holiday or redundancy pay to ensure this is not included in your first assessment…

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Q&A: Council Tax Arrears

Thursday 25th April 2019

----- My first council tax bill of the year has come through and I know I'm not going to be able to afford it with so many other important bills to pay,…

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Need help with Universal Credit?

Thursday 11th April 2019

------- If you need help to claim Universal Credit we can support you in the early stages, from the application to your first payment. Call us for free on 0800 144 8 444 - 8am…

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