The Severe Disability Premium is an extra benefit for disabled people, to qualify for this benefit someone must be in receipt of any of the following benefits. Personal Independence, DLA, Attendance Allowance, and Income Support, Income Based JSA and Income Based ESA.

In January 2019 there was a major change in Universal Credit Regulations (; that now stated than anyone in receipt of the Severe Disability Premium, or who had received it in the previous 28 days; could not claim Universal Credit and could make a claim for Old style legacy benefits such as Income Based JSA and Income Based ESA. These individuals would be part of the Managed Migration process; the only caveat to this rule is that if the severe disability premium was used to pay for carers allowance then this would negate the benefit and a claim for Universal Credit would have to be made. But what those individuals who lost their severe disability premium before January 2019?

In July 2019 the government stated those individuals who were naturally migrated to Universal Credit and were entitled to a transitional payment; there are different rates for any individual involved ( This payment is backdated to the date of the loss of their severe disability premium.

To check if you are entitled to this payment there is a dedicated phone number to contact is 0800 181 4049.