From April 1st 2018 to March 31st 2019 we have helped over 7,000 clients with a variety of issues, many of which have an impact on more than just our clients themselves. It also benefits society through healthier, happier people moving forward with their lives with new confidence, participating in their community and working more productively – this is our value to society.


The distribution of clients that received general advice is shown below.

 A map of the Isle of Wight showing how many clients were seen in each Area.


We have reduced impact on our local NHS and saved them £158,911 by improving client’s health and well-being. Additionally, by preventing homelessness and evictions we have saved the IOW Council £183,295.

For every £1 invested in us this year, we generated: ​

£2.24 in savings to the government and public services​. By helping stop problems occurring or escalating, we reduce the pressure on public services such as health, housing or out-of-work benefits.

£13.12 in wider economic and social benefits​. Solving problems improves lives - and this means better wellbeing, participation and productivity for the people we help.

£13.58 in financial value to the people we help​. Through our advice, we can increase people’s income. We can help them get debts written off, take up benefits they’re entitled to or get compensation for their consumer problems.


For more information on the impact of different areas that Citizens Advice cover, for example Witness Service and Our Campaigns, please click here.