Live in a park home or pay your landlord directly? You've got three weeks left to apply to get the £400 payment

If you're in a park home or your landlord gets their energy from a commercial contract (rather than a domestic one, and so doesn't get the £400 payment automatically, which they can then pass on), you can apply to receive the discount through the Energy Bills Support Scheme.

You are able  to apply for it through the Government's online portal. You'll need an email address and phone number (if you have one) and a UK bank account. You must apply by 31 May 2023.

- If you’re not registered for council tax, you’ll need to upload a proof of address (such as a bank statement or tenancy agreement) as part of your application.

- If you live in a care home you’ll also need to upload a care home invoice (that's less than three months old) or an official document from your care home, which includes your name and address, a funding statement and the name and address of your care home.

Your local council will make your payment by bank transfer. Exactly when you'll receive your payment will depend on when you made the application and when it was processed.