Here are some successful outcomes from our Home and Well project!

After trying to contact their energy suppliers to sort out their issues, our clients* turned to us when they couldn't get a satisfactory outcome. By working with our Home and Well Adviser, they were able to help resolve many of the client's issues.

*Clients have been anonymised at their request

"I don't know what I would have done without Citizens Advice! They were able to challenge my energy supplier and get me an apology for a letter threatening unnecessary bailiff action, and help me to switch suppliers." - Mrs S

"After the previous tenant's debt was allocated to me, I was told by my energy supplier that I would have to pay off the debt before I could switch supplier! The Home and Well adviser was able to get the debt of £2,110.10 written off plus a £400.43 refund - and a £200 gas debt written off as the energy supplier could not account for it. I can't thank Citizens Advice enough for their incredible support!"
Mrs D

"Citizens Advice helped me to get the annual Warm Home Discount of £140 re-instated!"
- Mr S

"My energy supplier incorrectly charged me for gas I didn't use. The Home and Well adviser was able to get the debt of £337 written off and get me an apology for the threatening letters I was sent unnecessarily. Thank you so much!"
- Ms H


"After my energy supplier incorrectly allocated me with another customers account, Citizens Advice were able to have £2000 of arrears written off. What a wonderful service - Citizens Advice helped me through a very stressful time."
- Mrs W


If you need help with your energy bills, contact our Home and Well service here.