Help Through Crisis has been at the forefront of our work during 2020/21 

Our advisers worked days, evenings and weekends to support the most vulnerable clients who were unable to put food on the table or heat their homes.  

We had an increase of 159% on applications in comparison with 2019/20 servicing over 600 client applications, information taken from our client applications shows us that those 618 applicants had more than 500 dependents.  

January in particular was overwhelming with 120 applications received and an increase in spending on clients in need of over 400% in comparison with the previous year which would have been unsustainable without the funding received from Defra via our colleagues at the Isle of Wight Council. 

We have continued face to face contact with the most vulnerable clients at a social distance and provided support to individuals and families who were in crisis. We spent £4555.00 on food vouchers. We have helped people whose fridges and cookers stopped working and they were unable to afford replacements, our white goods spend for 2020/21 was £5869. 

We have also supported clients who were the victims of domestic abuse during the pandemic, we have bought shoes for a client who fled her home and bedding for clients who had none along with numerous other items, in total we have spent over £1600 on this support. 

120 of our most vulnerable clients with physical and mental health needs were referred to Team Around The Person to work with them over a longer period of time to support their welfare. 252 food bank vouchers were issued. 

One of our clients was so grateful for our support during the pandemic that she and her daughter went on to do a sponsored ‘get fit’ and raised £675 for Help Through Crisis which is fantastic news. 


How to get Advice 

Adviceline : 0800 144 8848 
The 0800 number has an answerphone service and at peak times, we recommend that people leave voicemails. 
- Call 0800144 8848  and press * to hear the other options, and then press 0. 
- Please leave your details and a number that we can contact you on. 
- Someone will reply as soon as they can. 



Or fill in our confidential webform Contact Us | (IsleFindIt) 


Webchat – via .** If your enquiry is between 5pm to 8am you can leave an email. Enquiries through the national website will be answered by a Generalist Adviser from the national team.