Client was diagnosed with cancer in December 2019 and is undergoing chemotherapy.
 Client is employed but currently in receipt of Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) for the last 28 weeks. This will end at the end of June. Client is not sure whether they will be going back to work yet as they are due to have a consultation in the next 2 weeks where they will be discussing their progress and developing a 'Moving Forward' plan. 

Client has bills they are unable to pay, and have no savings or investments to cover the shortfall. Client's SSP is £57.70 income is not enough to cover their outgoings, including £650pcm to their private landlord.

The client's partner is a self employed builder but they are in the high risk group and has been shielding due to diabetes.  The client's partner is not eligible for the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) as they have not completed their 2018/19 tax return. 

The client's partner has applied for Universal Credit (UC) for both of them.


A referral was made to our Help To Claim team for support with their Universal Credit application. We were able to help the client apply for an advance on their UC, which is now being recovered. We were also able to explain any deductions made to the client.

Referrals were also made to:

- The Tax Team for support with SEISS and completion of 
Self Assessment Tax Returns

- Our Money Advice Unit for help and support with their ongoing debts 

- Help Through Crisis Team for support with supermarket/food bank 

An application has also been made on behalf of client for Macmillan grant for support with the costs related to cancer.