Case Study 1

Client A 
is a student and a single parent with 3 dependent children, all with additional needsThe client presented at court with over £2,000 rent arrears in a Housing Association property. Universal Credit (UC) had only been paying 50% Housing element after the client’s partner left. In the client's hearing, the judge agreed to adjourn for 28 days so that we could assist the client. We asked the client to contact Universal Credit, helped them with a Help Through Crisis application and made a referral to Money Advice.


Hours before the client's next hearing, UC confirmed they paid the entire backdated payment owed (£2,200 – enough to cover arrears). The Housing Association’s representative was happy to adjourn without terms meaning the client had no further court action. 

Case Study 2

Client B is a the sole tenant of a Housing Association property. After a decade of domestic abuse, culminating in another violent incident, the client left their property to seek safety.  The client approached us on the advice of the Police and their Housing Association. We were able to seek input via our solicitor and support the client to successfully gain an Occupation Order to regain their home. Additionally support was given by the IW’s Domestic Violence support service to allow the client to be able to start moving on with their life. 


The client was able to gain back possession of their property and is now able to live in peace. The client 
said ‘I cannot thank you for what you have done for me, I am very grateful.’